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How can you help?
“When you have finished paying all the tithe of your produce in the third year giving it to the Levites, the orphans, the widows and the aliens so that they may eat their fill, you shall say before the Lord, ‘ I have removed the sacred portion from the house and given it in accordance with your entire commandment'” —Deuteronomy 26:12
It is our prayer that the rewards promised to you by God for helping us care for the orphans will be retuned unto you in ways that exceed all expectations you may hold.

  • Above all, we need you: your commitment, your donations, your prayers and letters or visits to the kids.
  • For those of you who can commit your time, please volunteer in Uganda and help us out; you are more than welcome to stay with us in Uganda.
  • To continue providing education to the children, we need and greatly appreciate any contributions to our education fund. Most decent education in Uganda is private and extremely expensive, and in addition to the tuition fees below, many schools require boarding costs.
    Sponsor a child in need . . .
    A little bit goes a long way toward transforming the life of a child in Uganda. Your monthly sponsorship ensures that a child receives an education, clothing, nutritious food, health care, vocational training, life skills and most importantly, a place to call home.
  • Primary sponsorship: $42/month or $504/year
  • Secondary sponsorship: $82/month or $984/year
  • We need contributions to provide basic necessities to the children; it costs about $60 per month to feed, clothe and shelter each child. Please consider a donation to ACF-Uganda.

Your tax-deductible donation can be mailed to:
African Christian Fellowship
P.o Box 35045 Kampala Uganda
East Africa.