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Who we are

ACF Missions Inc. USA. We have been involved with missions in northeastern and western Uganda where the rate of child-headed families is very high because of war and the sky rocketing HIV epidemic.

We are responding to God’s call to bring hope to the many people groups in Uganda that are still unreached. They have never heard of the love that took our savior Jesus Christ to the cruel cross and the power that raised him from the dead. They may never hear unless someone moved by compassion crosses cultural barriers and takes the message of salvation to them. Too many of our people remain in the grip of animism and nominal lifeless Christianity. This is why corruption, poverty, wars, and diseases defy every human solution and continue to ravage our homeland.


Our ministry is a significant one. In fact, we have so many significant yet invisible leaders, humbly and yet profoundly working for the Kingdom of God. Their lives, perhaps unsung but not unnoticed by God, are significant. All of us, even during what seem to be huge obstacles, are moving forward because of our call and in spite our weakness. This past year, our network has been filled with both prompting and uncertainty, both resistance and clarity. We thank God for he has given us the gift of perseverance! We know that the vision the Lord has given will be accomplished by his grace as we remain faithful. “There is no significant ministry, no significant life, no significant task that doesn’t take incredible courage to engage. But the reality is that God places us against huge obstacles so he can reveal his greatness through our weakness.”

We believe as the Bible says – that God the Father has given to every believer spiritual gifts for use in building up the Body of Christ – therefore – we DO NOT BELIEVE ministry is a ‘one man show”. We believe that all who are Christians should be involved in ministry of some kind.